Early Detection

Knowledge is power. Know your status via our free kidney screenings

We provide free testing for high blood pressure, kidney disease and diabetes across the state Texas to help detect early stage kidney disease. Knowing where you stand early in the fight against kidney disease helps to understand what interventions are necessary to help you live a better quality of life.


Our Texas Kidney Check (TKC) program began in 2013 as a multi-faceted free wellness check. For many of the participants we serve, the TKC is the only healthcare they will receive for the year. With that knowledge in mind, we created an exam that checks hypertension, diabetes and creatinine in about 15 minutes. 

In 2018, our early detection screenings identified 2 or more indicators of CKD in 56% of the participants. If early detection prevented the onset of end stage renal disease for one year in the identified participants, it would save Texas taxpayers nearly $273 million per year. CKD costs $94 billion per year nationally and $5 billion per year in Texas.

In 2018 TKC served 4,577 participants in 159 screening events in 42 Texas counties. Every volunteer hour and donor dollar given to Texas Kidney Foundation serve’s the residents of the state of Texas. Our team of Kidney Crusaders are making a difference, please continue to support us as we improve the lives of Texans.